Leadership lessons from notable thought leaders


Do you have the guts to bare your soul to your employees and client base so that you can be a better thought leader for your team and brand?

Thought leaders should lead by example, and good leadership requires you to be human. You should focus on building connections with your team, and sharing relatable ideas, experiences, and advice.

At ELV Agency, we believe this collaborative process is what sets average business leaders apart from thought leaders.

When you can connect all these points through your words and actions, you will see the results in your revenue and business growth, your employee satisfaction, and how your industry peers view you.

But what does it really take to execute a thought leadership strategy effectively?

The best way is to learn directly from thought leaders who are actively making a difference and leading by example.

This article looks at three thought leaders in different industries to see what we can learn from their thought leadership strategies.

Marie Forleo

As an entrepreneur, writer and philanthropist, Marie Forleo is a no-holds-barred and authentic thought leader with a burgeoning brand that offers business and personal development training.

Visit Marie Forleo’s shop to learn more about her courses, which cover topics ranging from life coaching and time management to writing.

With years of experience in several industries and disciplines, Forleo shares her knowledge, passion, and drive to live a successful and happy life with her client base and staff.

And she constantly strives to learn more as she engages with other thought leaders in interviews. This type of engagement is an important aspect of the ELV brand, where we strive to foster a spirit of collaboration.

Three thought leadership lessons to learn from Marie Forleo
  • Be yourself—unapologetically.
  • Help others to grow so you can grow too.
  • Make an attempt to relate to and connect with others so that you may absorb their experiences.

Jeff Weiner

As former CEO and current executive chairman of LinkedIn, Weiner is involved in several business strategies, including mentorship programs, leadership, advising, and coaching.

He has several other pursuits, too. These pursuits include investing and coaching startups through a program called Next Play Ventures and serving on the investment advisory committee of Concrete Rose Capital, a fund that focuses on investing in business owners from diverse backgrounds.

He doesn’t stop there. Weiner is also the co-founder of The Compassion Project, which works to teach compassion in the classroom in American elementary schools.

Known for his compassionate leadership skills and educational leanings, at ELV Agency, we believe Weiner is a true thought leader.

What can we learn from Weiner?
  • Share your knowledge effectively with those who need it.
  • Lead with compassion.
  • Be an effective leader wherever you go.


Businesses, too, can be at the forefront of thought leadership. One example of a company striving to highlight the people behind the brand is IBM.

In IBM’s strategic thought leadership approach, the technology company showcases employees who are making a difference, not only for the business but for themselves as well. For example, through its Passion Projects focus, IBM creates a space for curious staff to explore their creativity.

For IBM, it’s not just about ensuring its employees are upskilled with what they need to further their careers and growth but also about extending that reach to everyone worldwide.

Additionally, the brand focuses on diversity and inclusivity, as seen in its free SkillsBuild project.

Three things companies can gain from the IBM thought leadership model
  1. Capitalize on your staff and their special skills.
  2. Invest in your employees.
  3. Develop your business, yes, but also the world around you.

Wrapping Up

One of the bases of effective thought leadership is leading by example so that your employees can drive your brand to even greater heights.

If you’re ready to boost yourself and your brand as a strong leader in your industry, you’ve come to the right place.

What’s More?

At ELV Agency, we are passionate about helping you become a thought leader in your business. Visit our Contact Page to learn more about brand marketing and how to start your leadership journey.